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I found the courses to be comprehensive and well-structured, with clear explanations and engaging examples provided by the trainers. The content quality was excellent, covering a wide range of topics in each language. The teaching style was effective, making complex concepts easy to understand. Thank you to the CodeGalatta team for providing such valuable learning experiences.

- R.Naveenkumar, CSE, Chennai Institute Of Technology And Applied Research

i liked the training very much and i am really gratefull

- Sri sudhan mc, Computer science and business system, Sri sairam engineering College

Very good and authentic . Thankful for the faculties to train up . Hope it Will be useful for my future purposes

- Prasanth Kumar, Apparel manufacturing and merchandising, NIFT TEA COLLEGE OF KNITWEAR FASHION

This training is very useful to upgrade my Knowledge in programming. It's useful for my placement also.

- JANASHRI.K.L, Electrical and electronics engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Technology

The course organized by CodeGalatta covering C, C++, Python with Data Science, and Java was an enriching experience. The curriculum offered a comprehensive understanding of programming fundamentals and advanced concepts in each language. The instructors demonstrated expertise in their respective fields, providing clear explanations and practical examples to reinforce learning. The inclusion of Data Science with Python added significant value, allowing students to explore real-world applications and insights into data analysis and manipulation. Moreover, the Java component provided a solid foundation in object-oriented programming principles, which are essential in today's software development industry. Overall, the course effectively catered to individuals with varying levels of programming knowledge, offering a well-rounded education in multiple programming languages and their practical applications. The hands-on approach and interactive sessions fostered a conducive learning en

- NIDESH KANNA R, Electronics Engineering (VLSI Design and Technology), Chennai Institute of Technology,Kundrathur

it was truely a value added training for my career. thankyou so much for the faculty members who have trained me to understand the concepts clearly and taught us very deeply from the basics. I sincerely thank Codegalatta team to make this wonderful opportunity at low price in the market today.

- Vinoth.M, Mechanical Engineering, Velammal Engineering college

hi,the everyday class session was really good the faculty taught us code in good way and understandable manner.thanks to code gallata to give me such learning experience


As student i feels like it's helps me in many ways by learning the programming language and our teachers or mentors who teaches us programming language done an amazing job. Thanks making so many courses at the affordable for the students. Thanks Ashwin sir and thanks Codegallata team, you guys are simple amazing.

- K. Ranesh Kadhir, ECE - ( ACT), Chennai Institute of Technology

This course was good and it gave me a lot of knowledge about the programming languages. Thank you for giving me opportunity for learning programming languages.

- P j c naga sai, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of information technology, sri city

I always wanted a brief and in depth teaching about the programming language as I am from bio stream.Code galatta fulfilled all my expectations. The teachers were very dedicating and made us feel free to raise our question . I am very thankful for Conducting classes as per the students convenience and considering their situations.

- Dharuni.M, Computer science engineering, Amrita vishwa vidhyapeetham

The teaching methodology provided at an affordable rate is truly commendable. The instructors prioritize imparting coding knowledge to students over simply completing the course on schedule. Their friendly demeanor and prompt clarification of doubts in a detailed manner have made the learning experience truly exceptional. I express my gratitude to the faculties and code galatta team for their invaluable guidance.

- Pradeeshwaran S, Electronics and communication engineering, JAI SHRIRAM ENGINEERING COLLEGE

Great opportunity to learn the basics of programming languages at an affordable rate. Teachers were very patient and understanding of students.

- J.Suraj, Computer Science, Chennai Institute Of Technology

This is an excellent teaching.I do not have prior knowledge in programming,but after learning from this..i have gained confidence in coding.

- S.PAVITHRA, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, St.Joseph's college of engineering

Excellent teaching.I do not have a prior knowledge in programming.But know I am so happy I have learnt these very faster

- S.PAVITHRA, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, St.Joseph's college of engineering



Excellent training and thank you so much sir

- Delphin K, Information Technology, PSNA College of Engineering and Technology

The lectures was very helpful and make us understand the topics very clearly without any hesitation and also they motivate us to try new problems and to ask questions related to it. They are very responsive and will respond to our doubts even if the doubt is small or big they will respond.Also when we do the course in this website we will get quality training with feasible amount which was very helpful for me.


The course was awesome and also the teachers are very friendly and helpful in every way. And also when we do the course through this website we will get certified with very feasible amount of payment which was very helpful for me and also since the cost is low it does not compensate with the teachings and the resources they provide. The techers are supportive and can texted and we can clear our doubts even after we completed this course.


As a biology student, I really felt hard in coding at the beginning of our college but after attending code galatta classes, now I'm faster to understand concepts than other students in class

- Vinaya Kumara Liebig K G, Computer Science and Engineering, R.M.D. Engineering college

Really a Wonderful Way of teaching at an affordable price in fact the faculties doesn't concentrate on finishing the course on time, They mainly concentrate's on the coding knowledge gained by students in fact the faculties are so friendly and they clear my doubts on time with a detailed manner, A wonderful Experience of leaning Thank you Faculties

- Anuvarshini. K. S, Computer Technology, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

I had a wonderful experience in code galatta. i gained knowledge regarding coding and some new useful skills. i thank code galatta for offering students such an amazing platform to learn coding.

- Janavi Karthikeyan, information technology, panimalar engineering college

Absolutely awesome!! I can't describe my gratitude towards code galatta for this wholesome experience of taking me into the world of coding in a perfect manner. I am a person who took biology mathematics group in 12th grade but taken engineering but i had interest in coding skills too - but with zero coding knowledge, I got into code galatta and now after a long journey with the team learning all the concepts from basic to advanced in terms of C, C++, Python and Java, Iam completely grateful towards the organization and the dearest mentors who guided me and ofcourse Ashwin sir who is the top most authority of this prestigious institution. Great thanks to you all!! Now Iam really confident about my coding knowledge to the core and back for real!! I Thanks a lot to you all!!

- Athelesh B, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research

Hello, I'm Harsshini R. I took biomaths group in school. I find difficult to learn programming but after joining class I understood the concept clearly. The way of teaching is good. This will be helpful for my career. Thank you code galatta team.


I am very grateful and thankful to CodeGalatta for giving such a great training in programming. Especially to a bio student like me who had zero idea on programming, these sessions were truly helpful. The teaching was also very nice. Now, I have a clear idea on these languages and am looking forward to improve them. Thank you.

- Nivaashini Thangaraj, Computer Science and Business System, PSG institute of Technology and Applied Research

The trainings provided by Code galata team was highly useful and worth paying ...I was able to cope up with my studies in college with the same pace as of any computer background students... Thanks a lot for your dedicated works towards upliftment of students.

- Aathika N M, Information Technology, Sri Sairam Engineering college

Hello everyone!! just wanted to share about completing those coding courses in C, C++, Python, and Java! It's been a journey, but I'm feeling pretty confident now with all those languages under my belt. The recorded sessions really came in handy too. Being able to revisit lessons whenever I needed to made a big difference. Big thanks to the staff for their guidance and Code Galatta team,who is still supporting students even after completion of course with various materials.

- SIVANI BHARATH G, Artificial Intelligence and Data science, National Engineering college

Codegalata give nice teacher for explain the concept very clear and better way to explain the concept, Each day the class is very interesting And gain more information about code concept thank for it type of information


It was great experience to learn coding with you

- Aakaash D B, Production Engineering, NIT Tiruchirappalli

Good teaching, uploading classes in drive was useful.

- Hari Eashwar M, Computer science and business system, KGISL institute of technology

The training given by code galatta is really amazing to learn and the trainers were friendly and kind. They are ready to solve our doubt in all time.


Learnt more about the language and learnt how to start to learn a language and how to proceed through it

- Yogeshwaran, MECH, SSNCE

wonderful training platform for learning basics of programming languages


I'm very thankful to Code Galatta team mentors for teaching me the programming languages in a very clear and understandable manner.As I am Bio math student in my schoolings I have no idea to about coding.After joining this course I can able to code easier and solve problems.The resources provided by the mentors was very helpful to me.Once again thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

- Sandhiya S, ECE, PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research

Very Useful and informative

- V. Tharini Rajashree, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Sethu Institute of Technology

I'm from a biology domain background from school. Code Galatta, being a backbone on improving my coding skills and some logical reasoning too.


Training was very good. The trainer was very enthusiastic which created good confidence while learning. Cost-effective course with more tutorial hours and useful material provided.

- M J Muhammed Naveed Khan, BE Computer Science and Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College

It was really helpful awesome.

- DHANESH KUMAR S, Computer Science and Engineering, RMD Engineering College

Even if you have no idea about coding you can learn the basics at a very good level.

- KULASEKARAN.M, CSE, College of Engineering Guindy

It is ver useful and it has helped me in developing my skills.

- P. S. SREEMATHI, Electronics and communication engineering, Ramco Institute of Technology

First of all I would like to thank all the staffs who guided us these days !!. After 12 th , I was literally in the state that what I am going to do ? being a biology student don't know nothing about coding !! hits hard for a bio - student , but "CODE GALATTA" made it possible that even a bio - student can also become an efficient coder like me . The staffs who taught us were a gift for us , they even repeated topics when even a one student can't understand the topic . And most welcomed one is of course there revision classes . Thank you sir/mam for your kindhearted helping !!!

- Kanishka. R, Ece, Thiagarajar College Of Engineering

The training was amazing. The faculty members taught with more patience. And cleared all doubts in person.

- RAVEENA R, ., .

I have learnt the basics of coding


I learnt coding through this wonderful platform

- Divya R, Computer science and buisness system, Rajalakshmi institute of technology

Good..Got more knowledge about coding


Thank you for the wonderful sessions. I can really able to develop my coding skills.

- Hema, AIDS, Sri Sairam Institute Of Technology

Very useful, I learned new programming language

- SARANADITHYA D, Printing and packaging technology, College of engineering Guindy

Thank you for the wonderful sessions. I can really able to develop my coding skills.

- Hema, AIDS, Sri Sairam Institute Of Technology

It was such a wonderful course which enhanced my interest in coding. I learnt a lot from this course which I am applying in college academics.

- TEJESWAR S, Computer Science & Engineering, SASTRA University

Good initiative. Expecting for further continuation.

- Sandhiya A, ECE, College of Engineering Guindy


- P.Harini, Computer science and engineering, Psg College of Technology

This training was very helpful for me in learning C,C++, Python and Java. Thank you code galatta team for this wonderful opportunity.

- M.Anukeerthana, B.E. CSE, Ramco institute of technology

Nice coaching given by extraordinary teachers

- S.Sivashankar, Mechatronics engineering, Sona college of technology

The Crouse of very useful and useful information.

- S.keerthana, Electronic and communication engineering, Kings college of engineering ,punalkulum

Very needful and effective classes. As a bio student, I was scared whether I can do coding, now I gained confidence. Thanks to Code Galatta team. Thank you for making coding fun.

- Aishaa Nihar Z, Production Engineering, PSG College of Technology

It was really great to start with. I learnt a lot, thanks to codegalatta.

- SHREYAVARSHINI SUBRAMANIAN, ECE, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai

Its a good interactive class worth of every one's time

- Venu Gopal, Cse(AIML), Kalasalingam Academy of research and education


- Kathirvelan, Artificial intellgience and data science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Cls is mind blowing and teachers are friendly and good.

- Gobega S, Ece, Sastra deemed university thanjavur

Best coding training platform with low cost, Experienced Faculties, conducting special sessions.

- V.R.Kamalesh, Electronics and Communication Engineering, JCT College of Engineering and Technology

I am very glad to have chosen this course. It is very useful for me. Teachers taught it very well. I thank code galatta team for such an useful course.


This training was very much useful for my career and my placements. I have learnt many new things in this training. Thank you for teaching

- R.krishna priya, computer science and engineering, RAMCO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

Honestly this Training was very useful, Because CODE GALATTA offered this course in affordable price.I learnt many things in this Training.

- Noorulla Feroz, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Kumaraguru College Of Technology

I learned briefly about c,c++ and python.

- BHUVANESHKUMAR K, Information Technology, Sri Sairam Institute of Technology

I am very happy to learn the coding skills in c,c++,python.Code galatta is the best platform to enhance the coding knowledge. Great Thanks for the faculties and the teams for code galatta.

- Ajay Kumar, CSBS, Syed Ammal Engineering College

One of the most valuable course I have done

- KISHOR B, Artificial intelligence and data science, Veltech high tech engineering college

I started this training on my 12th standard holidays. The teachers were too good and they give clear all the doubts whenever we ask.

- ARCHANA K M, B.Tech. Artificial intelligence and Data science, PSG Institute of technology and applied research

It was an Amazing Journey with Code Galatta. Before joining this Course, I was novice to Programming. Now, I could code in four Languages. The Code Galatta Faculties explained every part of Programming until we understand and Yoganathan Sir is the Best in teaching C and C++. Code Galatta extended 4 months course to nearly 6 months to complete the Syllabus and make Students understand everything better and No other Platforms would do that in such a low cost. I am out of Words to Express my Gratitude to Code Galatta.

- Pirem Balaji C, Computer Science and Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy

It' s very useful, class was good

- BHAGAWATH KUMAR M, Bio technology, Sri venkateswara college of engineering

So good and very useful.

- Karthikeyan S, CSE, Sona college of technology

Excellent training.I am biology student i dont even the basics of computer science after attending the classes i can able to put code by self. The way teaching of more useful to me.

- Dharshana R, Artificial intelligence and data science, Karpagam Institute of Technology


- GOKUL T, Computer science and engineering, Vel Tech High Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sakunthala Engineering College

This is very useful training for me.I didn't expect this course available in it.I learnt all programming courses on your training.Thank you for your hardwork and extraordinary working.Keep doing this for so many students.Thank you for your team.

- Shrimitha T, B.Tech(AI&DS), SSM institute of engineering and technology, Dindigul


- Kathirvelan, Artificial inteligence and data science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

Thank you for driving us into a new world of coding. I had explored with alot more coding skills with u guys

- Ancy Snowshima.J, Information Technology, St.Joseph's college of Engineering

At first I thought programming is the toughest thing but after learning it in our mother tounge and repeated practices It seems to be easily understandable, Now I have confidence to write my own program Thank you codegallata..

- DAYANAND M K, CSE(AI&ML), Vel Tech High Tech Dr.Rangarajan Dr.Sakunthala Engineering College

The CodeGalata coding course offers a structured curriculum, interactive learning, knowledgeable instructors, community support, and practical projects. While beneficial for beginners and intermediate learners, enhancements in feedback mechanisms and additional resources could further enrich the learning experience. Overall, it's a valuable investment for aspiring coders at any level.

- V S SANTHOSH, B Tech CSE, Bennett University

It has been such a wonderful course, the classes have given me deeper insight of the programming languages.With the help of code gallata, i was able to do well in my programming languages in my college. My heartfelt thanks to all the faculties.

- Suprajha Baskaran, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AIDS), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham

The course has designed to improve my coding skills and indepth knowledge transfer. Thank you.


It was a superb experience learning with code galatta.The teaching faculties were wonderful and explained every inch and cleared our doubts without hesitation

- Thiyagarajan C, Mechanical engineering, Ramco institute of technology

Fantastic education by professionals.

- MUKESH, Computer Science and Engineering, Chennai Institute of Technology

I am glad to be taught by outstanding proffesors of code galatta, and I was wondered their teaching methods

- Sai Nithin Pojala, Civil, Sri Sivasubramania Nadar College of Engineering

This is an awesome training

- Harish.T, CSE, Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, Chennai

This is an awesome training . I learn so much things in this training.

- Harish.T, CSE, Harish. T

An excellent course! Make sure you really have enough time to take this course. I'd recommend this course to everyone involved in programming

- Viswa Prakaash N.J, BE - CSE, Saveetha Engineering College

It was an wonderful session. I learned a lot of information in the time period. The staffs were so cooperative and helped a lot. It was an amazing course.

- KARTHIKEYAN M, Computer Science and Engineering (Internet of Things), SAVEETHA ENGINEERING COLLEGE

Very useful and classes were taken in a interesting way. Thank you code galatta for this classes.

- S.PRISHA, Cse, Sri sairam institute of technology

The explanations of coding concepts were generally clear.This made me to understand the concept in full fledge and kudos the teacher who trained us throughout the course with a happy face . Thanks for the team who do supported us by providing holidays when needed and sending us recorded session whenever we missed the classes.Thank you teachers and code Galatea team for giving me the wonderful opportunity to learn.

- M.S.Ridhanyaa, CCE, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Chennai

This was a good start for my career development. Teaches were awesome and kind. If i could rate this course I'd give nothing more than a thousand.

- Jebez oswald K, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Jebez Oswald k

Very useful and understanding

- Kumaran, ECE, Sathyabama University of science and technology

It was very effective classes .Sir teaches from basics and he explained very clearly and they answer all the questions that we have it was good teaching learning process

- M.Giri prakash, ECE, PSG College of technology

Very good training.. I got a well versed knowledge in C,C++,Java. Yes I didn't attended python classes since I set my language as java only. Sorry for that

- VISHWARAJ.G, B.Tech. Information Technology, Saveetha Engineering College

The training we undergone was an amazing journey with our expertised teachers gave us a Clear understanding on programming

- Shanthish SR, Computer Science and Engineering, Sri Eshwar College of Engineering

This Class Is So UseFull For My College Studies.

- P.SRIRAM, Information Technology, Sri Sairam Institute Of Technology

Code Gallata offers a comprehensive coding class covering C, C++, Java, and Python. The course content is well-structured and covers the fundamentals effectively. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide clear explanations. The interactive learning approach, along with hands-on practice opportunities, enhances the learning experience. However, there could be more resources and support for students. Overall, Code Gallata is recommended for those seeking to learn these languages.

- S SARVESWAR, Computer Science Engineering, Anna University - College of Engineering

It will help for my placement and interviews

- Karthika T, AI & DS, Shiv Nadar University

Excellent teaching,It was a informative session and it will help for my placement and interviews

- Karthika T, AI & DS, Shiv Nadar University

Excellent teaching,It was a informative session.It will help for my placement

- Karthika T, AI & DS, Shiv Nadar University

Training was good

- TEJASWINI. M, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Panimalar Institute of Technology


- S M.Seerin Farhana, Computer science and business system, Sri sairam engineering college

well done

- ARVIND M, CSE, Kongu engineering college